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Dell inspiron i7559-763blk review

Aurora has been fond of the new dell inspiron i7559-763blk laptop that has been creating waves all across the globe this week. This new laptop brings some new fire specs that can really allow the average gamer to be proud of owning a mid-range gaming laptop, compared to those with those beefy alienwares. We hope our dell inspiron i7559-763blk review gives you the best insight and information available for this laptop.

When it comes to performance we have to say that the dell inspiron i7559-763blk is certainly one of a kind, it produces exceptional performance with high quality graphics and an amazing processor providing tons of power to the laptop. The powersupply is a basic supply providing a short charging time of just a couple of hours, giving you the battery life of around 4-6 hours that you can continue to use throughout the day. The battery life does vary greatly on which task you are doing, gaming with some high intensity games can drain battery power at a very fast rate, whereas basic word or office work can make the battery last the entire day for around 6 hours.

The laptop has a sleek black design throughout, and is a medium sized laptop at only 15.6″. The keyboard layout varies depending if you wish to go for a UK or a USA format.  We recomend that you look around and see some other available brands such as ASUS, Alienware and MSI. All the laptop brands that I suggest are highly recommended by people in the industry and are known for having the latest state of the art components that are released to consumers. If you are looking for something slightly lower end than we recommend checking our some cheaper brands in the market.

Gaming as a whole is growing so rapidly that the introduction of gaming laptops to the scene has flourished a worldwide community of gamers, that can travel to anywhere in the world and still be able to compete on a competitive level with our top gamers. Famous streamers such as AtheneLIVE – Aka Bachir Boumaaza has used his streaming knowledge to get sponsorships from Razer of which he has gained vast support worldwide, and has been sent several Razer Blades which are known to be high end gaming laptops.


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